6 Week Masterclass - Week 2

6 Week Masterclass - Week 2

NW 6 Week Masterclass Week 2 of 6
Week 2 workshop, exercises, and journal homework

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6 Week Masterclass - Week 2

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  • Workout 2

    Nicole breaks down the cardio segment of the Summer Body 2018 Beginner.

  • Workout 1

    Summer Body 2018 Beginner Breakdown Part 1 -- Nicole breaks down the Beach Body 2018 Beginner video to show the arm movements and toning exercises.

  • Summer Body: Beginner

    BODY FOCUS: butt, hips, obliques, shoulders, chest
    WHAT YOU NEED: mat, towel
    LENGTH: 66 minutes
    FORMAT: toning, dance cardio, choreography
    This toning will focus on the butt and hip area, bring in the waist, and open the chest. Cardio and choreography are a great introduction to dance i...