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Watch 0. NW6WeekMC_Week_1_Schedule


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0. NW6WeekMC_Week_1_Schedule

NW 6 Week Masterclass - Week 1 • 10s

Up Next in NW 6 Week Masterclass - Week 1

  • Week One | 1. Masterclass Prep

    Preparation video for all members of the NW MasterClass which includes the demonstration of the 3 moves of the day, the journal assignment and tips on "how to show up" for the MasterClass.

  • Week One | 2. Butt Lifter Breakdown P...

    Butt Lifter Breakdown Part 1 which includes 19 Arm and 2 part toning movements.

  • 3. Butt Lifter

    BODY FOCUS: butt, legs, skin
    WHAT YOU NEED: mat, towel
    LENGTH: 60 minutes
    FORMAT: toning, dance cardio, choreography
    This slow-burn, full body program is designed to train the body in fluid, circular movements and lift the booty.