Watch this video and more on #NWChurch

Watch this video and more on #NWChurch


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  • Say Yes

    1) "Say yes to what presents itself in your life. Your body can pick up things beyond your emotions, heart, and mind. Retrain your body to see the good and say yes to this program and life." - Nicole

    2) say
    verb - utter words so as to convey information, an opinion, a feeling or inte...

  • Communication

    1) "The abilities to communicate through words, body and spirit is a gift. Through focusing the body, our thoughts and words can become clear. I want my congregation to be able to communicate their true authentic self and know that when they align their body with their thoughts and emotions, t...

  • Trust

    1) "Trust is an essential tool in building oneself. I want my congregation to learn to trust themselves. We can use the body as a tool to earn our self trust. When one trusts themselves, life becomes clearer and more at ease. We learn to rely on ourselves and trust that our future will be mo...

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