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  • Episode 112: Open Heart

    1) "Having an open heart is one of the main focuses of The Method. Moving blocked energy around the heart can free up your body, mind, and Spirit - moving you closer and closer to your truth. I want my congregation to trust that with an open heart they can better understand what they need and ...

  • Open Heart Playlist

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  • Episode 111: Awareness

    1) "Having awareness is key. Use awareness to develop your body." - Nicole

    2) a·ware·ness
    noun - knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

  • Awareness Playlist

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  • Believe

    1) "Believing in yourself brings great power. Our beliefs create the foundation to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Our bodies are the gateway to create new beliefs. I want my congregation to fully commit and believe in every movement they complete. Full commitment and belief ...

  • Discipline

    1) "We need discipline to formulate a structure. Once we have the structure it is our job to find the freedom within our body, mind, and heart. Try and see if you can apply discipline to your workout and life. It takes discipline to apply new behaviors, new thoughts, and new ideas to apply to...

  • Responsibility

    1) "People complain about what's not going right in their life. Everything you have, see, and experience, you create. I want my congregation to realize this power and take responsibility to make the small changes necessary to make a better "them." Making small changes as realizing this power ...

  • Emotional Health

    1) "Our emotions affect the biochemistry and physicality of our bodies. Use the music, rhythm, and lyrics of the playlist to feel into your emotions. Each song will have a different affect. Release the emotions through the exercises and find alignment by its end." - Nicole

    2) Emotional He...