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  • Episode 155: Up Leveling

    Up-Leveling may feel like your life is changing and that things are falling away... or that things are not quite making sense. Going to a new level in your life means you are growing. Committing to yourself is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Use this program to feel into what feels goo...

  • Episode 154: Essense

    Your life vibrates off of your essence. How do you feel when you move and how do you resonate with your life? Use this program to feel into your essence - because it is your essence that creates your life!

  • Episode 153: Space

    We need space to feel ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, hearts and bodies. Without space we cannot create the energy that we want and need to have the body and life we want. Use this program to fill up your space and vessel - the container that you need to move through your life.

  • Episode: 152 Easter!

    Happy Easter to all the NW Community. Super excited for this all toning 40 rep program! Celebrate yourself and your body and watch your life reach new heights! Love NW

  • Episode 151: Changing

    NW Method is always changing, as is life. It is the ability to adapt, take space, and mold into what the experience calls for in your higher self. Use "Changing" as a way to develop your skills to adapt to what life and this workout brings to your calling.

  • Episode 150: Real

    Be Real. Being real means admitting what you don't know. Use this program to connect to the unknown within yourself to access the higher deeper truth of who you are.

  • Episode 149: Benefits

    Benefiting from your workout is essential to your life. Utilize this program to reap the benefits of your mind, body, and soul. Focus on your center line and create a body and life you desire

  • Episode 148: Seamless

    Seamless flow is essential to life. Use this workout to find your seamless flow and rhythm and watch your body connect and become stronger than ever before.

  • Episode 146: All Tone

    This workout is all toning! Dance your workout and connect to raising your vibration in new ways. This is a really challenging program so keep hydrated and focused on finishing as many of the 30 reps as you can!

  • Honor

    1) "To honor is to regard with great respect. Think about what you honor in your life and see if your body is on the list. When you hold something in great respect, you treat it differently. Use this workout to bring honor to your body, mind, and spirit. It will pay off." - Nicole

    2) hon·...

  • Receiving

    1) "Receiving is a power not all of us are open to. It takes courage, strength, and an open mind to be able to reap the benefits of good to come upon us. Using the body as a tool, we can exercise the right to receive what we deserve. I want my congregation to practice praying for what they re...

  • Sunshine

    "Sunshine keeps us happy! We can create our own sunshine and keep our energy levels high! Use this program to bring sunshine to your life !!" - Nicole

    1) direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, especially over a comparatively large area.
    2) cheerfulness; happiness.

  • Awareness

    1) "Having awareness is key. Use awareness to develop your body." - Nicole

    2) a·ware·ness
    noun - knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.