2 Episodes

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  • a note from Nicole

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    Hi! I'm so excited you're taking classes with me. Read this for a little more information about the program.

  • Episode 51: Honor

    Episode 1

    1) "To honor is to regard with great respect. Think about what you honor in your life and see if your body is on the list. When you hold something in great respect, you treat it differently. Use this workout to bring honor to your body, mind, and spirit. It will pay off." - Nicole

    2) honĀ·...

  • Episode 52 - Discipline

    Episode 2

    1) "We need discipline to formulate a structure. Once we have the structure it is our job to find the freedom within our body, mind, and heart. Try and see if you can apply discipline to your workout and life. It takes discipline to apply new behaviors, new thoughts, and new ideas to apply to...