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  • Episode 143: Freedom

    Freedom - Find your energy in your freedom. Anything that zaps your energy should not be a part of your life. Energy comes from the freedom from mind, body, and heart. Go into the program and find your freedom!

  • Episode 142: New Perspective

    Having a new perspective on life is truly important. Use this workout to have a new perspective on your endurance, body, and thoughts. Make sure to have fun and let your body dance to the music!

  • Episode 141: Challenge

    Challenge: Life is challenging. The best way to move through life is with a powerful center, knowing, and strength. The only way to develop your personal power is through agility and practice. Use this program to challenge yourself and develop the muscle of agility.

  • Episode 140: Hard

    "This week are going to up the difficulty of our workout! To enhance our bodies we have to push our boundaries and this week... this is our goal!" - Nicole

    1.solid, firm, and rigid; not easily broken, bent, or pierced.
    2. done with a great deal of force or strength.

  • Hard Playlist 1

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  • Hard Playlist 2

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  • Low Impact Cardio Playlist 1

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  • Low Impact Cardio Playlist 2

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  • Honor

    1) "To honor is to regard with great respect. Think about what you honor in your life and see if your body is on the list. When you hold something in great respect, you treat it differently. Use this workout to bring honor to your body, mind, and spirit. It will pay off." - Nicole

    2) hon·...

  • Receiving

    1) "Receiving is a power not all of us are open to. It takes courage, strength, and an open mind to be able to reap the benefits of good to come upon us. Using the body as a tool, we can exercise the right to receive what we deserve. I want my congregation to practice praying for what they re...

  • Sunshine

    "Sunshine keeps us happy! We can create our own sunshine and keep our energy levels high! Use this program to bring sunshine to your life !!" - Nicole

    1) direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, especially over a comparatively large area.
    2) cheerfulness; happiness.

  • Awareness

    1) "Having awareness is key. Use awareness to develop your body." - Nicole

    2) a·ware·ness
    noun - knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.