2 Episodes

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  • a note from Nicole

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    Hi! I'm so excited you're taking classes with me. Read this for a little more information about the program.

  • Episode 68: Know Thyself

    Episode 1

    1) "Staying true to who you are is essential to a life of happiness. Complete this program and be aware of the inner life that is happening as you complete the physical moves. Your body is a guide and can give you the knowlede and wisdom you need to move forward and take the next step!" - Nico...

  • Episode 69: Ignite

    Episode 2

    1) "You have the power to create the energy field you desire. If someone is making you feel like shit, leave it. You deserve the best. Create the energy and power during this program to have the courage to do what makes you feel good." - Nicole

    2) ig·nite
    a. catch fire or...