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  • Thigh Slimmer: NW Method Mat Workout

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    Thighs are one of the biggest muscles of the human body. Focusing on this area will burn more calories and create a toned, sleek look. This workout is high energy and low impact, and will change your overall shape. We giving you fast, effective, and easy to follow.

    This is a 69-minute conti...

  • Cellulite Eraser: NW Method Mat+Wall Toning Workout

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    Cellulite is stagnation in your cells. You need to get the fascia moving and fresh blood flowing. This program is designed to tighten your skin and eliminate cellulite on your butt and thighs. Part of this workout is done against a wall. Really hit the wall so the vibration of the movement br...

  • 15-Minute Tiny Dancer: NW Method Dance Cardio Workout

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    Dancers have the secrets! Keep it light on your feet and move your body rhythmically without stopping. All of those angles, at this pace, will sculpt a beautiful figure while getting your heart pumping.

    This is a 15-minute dance cardio workout. This is perfect for doing on light days, or ad...

  • Full Body Fat Burn: NW Method Mat Toning Workout

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    Short on time? If you've got half an hour, you can Check the Method with time to spare. This one will get your body burning and sweating right away by working arms, legs, core, booty, and your big beautiful heart.

    This is a 24-minute continuous full-body all-toning workout. Any level can do...