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    Nicole's NW Treadmill Workouts are done on a treadmill to save time, space, and travel.
    The NW Treadmill is the first of many treadmill workouts that have been used by Nicole's celebrity clients, touring dancers, and the girl on the go!
    BODY FOCUS: Full body, Fat Burn, Stomach
    WHAT YOU NEED: A ...

  • Transformation Nation: 12 Weeks to the Best You

    12 videos  |  Buy $50

    You too can do the same workout my client did on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian! My client lost 50 pounds in three months doing this exact program. Each week we began a new workout, and we continued the same workout for six days. Your body will see results and your mind and spirit will gro...

  • Waist Trimmer: NW Method Mat Workout

    1 video  |  Buy $25

    BODY FOCUS: waist, upper body, hips
    WHAT YOU NEED: mat, towel
    LENGTH: 65 minutes
    FORMAT: toning and choreography
    If you're looking to cinch your waist, this is the program. The focus of this program is on trimming the waist through high repetitions and endurance cardio.

  • Full Body Fat Burn: NW Method Mat Toning Workout

    1 video  |  Buy $10

    BODY FOCUS: full body, waist, legs
    WHAT YOU NEED: mat, towel
    LENGTH: 24 minutes
    FORMAT: toning only
    This one will get your body burning and sweating right away by working arms, legs, core, booty, and your big beautiful heart.